el yunque national rainforest (puerto rico)

10:51 PM

During our short stay in Puerto Rico, Vitali and I visited the rainforest. It was actually the only thing we really did in PR (other than go to Old San Juan). Before going on the honeymoon, I knew I wanted to visit the rainforest. I wanted to hike somewhere other than in Washington. And it was great! The tour guide warned us about a hard hike but it was actually really easy. It was only 40 minutes and mostly downhill. We hiked along a beautiful river and then came up to a gorgeous waterfall, full of tourists and locals. We took a short swim and then headed back to the tour bus. Our guide then took us to a little food cart thing and we ate Puerto Rican tacos and shish kabobs. We were very lucky that it didn't rain on us during the hike. We were in a rainforest after all! However, while we were eating, a heavy downpour happened. It was kind of amazing. "El Yunque" actually stands for "white cloud" or "white lands" (I can't remember which and can't seem to find it online). It was named after the white clouds that are constantly sitting on top of the forest and raining. 

I had a really good time at El Yunque. It was my first time at a tropical rainforest and my first time hiking somewhere other than in Washington. I loved seeing all the palm trees and different tropical plants. It was so green there! I would definitely recommend going here  if you're ever in Puerto Rico. But you should go with a tour guide! The traffic is awful and you will never make it up the mountain in a car :P 

These are a few pictures that we took while we hiking and relaxing at the rainforest. Click "read more" to see the rest of the pictures. Enjoy! :) 

Our awesomely hilarious tour guide, Jorge aka "George of the Jungle"

(and then it rained...because it's a rainforest after all!) 

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