beautiful old san juan, puerto rico pt.1

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Hello everyone :) Hope you are having a great day, I sure am, looking through honeymoon pictures and all. I miss it, but doesn't everyone? For our honeymoon, we went to Puerto Rico for a few days and then from there we got on a Carnival Cruise ship and sailed away to the Eastern Caribbean islands. We saw a lot of beautiful beaches, cities and places. My favorite, by far, was Old San Juan, in PR. It was such a fantastic place! The old city was full of narrow cobble stone streets and colorful buildings upon colorful buildings. It was incredible! Seeing grey building all day everyday in Seattle gets kind of depressing, especially with all the rain. But here, in Old San Juan, everything was so happy! It was fun, energetic and cozy. I really do wish we would start building colorful houses and buildings in the states. But for now, we can only dream, or just visit awesome colorful cities

We walked around the city for hours and didn't get bored. There was so much to see and so much to do! We literally took hundreds of pictures, in front of every colorful house, by every single cat, all the cool old fort stuff and everywhere else photogenic. We loved the city so much, we came back a second time. I'll be posting those pictures shortly. Even though we spent two days here, we still weren't able to see everything. We didn't get to explore the fort as much as we would have liked (for we didn't know it closed so early). We didn't get to go into every shop or even try very much food. But from what I did see, I was pleased, immensely. 

These pictures were taken on 4th of July. We heard rumors of fireworks, but either we missed them or we were lied to. But I didn't care. I had a blast exploring the city! I didn't need fireworks or barbecue. As you can see through the pictures, the city was very busy! Unlike the states, there were actually a lot of people out and about with their families and friends walking around the city, sitting on benches, flying kites, eating food. It was as if the whole city was on vacation. But from what we heard, Puerto Ricans like to have a good time. They like to have fun and relax. Which was comforting to see. At the end of the night, as we were walking through the streets, we came across a small block party. There were musicians and locals dancing. We joined the fun, of course. I thought it was so cool, definitely not something that happens in Seattle. As we were waiting for our taxi, we came across another show. There were a group of dancers and singers, performing traditional music and dance. There was an adorable little girl dancing away, stealing the show. It was wonderful! 

Anywho, I think I'll stop describing all I saw because you can just look at the pictures. In all, I really enjoyed the city. I miss it so much! I wish we could have this culture here in Seattle. I want to see people enjoying their life. I want to see colorful houses and block parties. Hopefully one day I'll be able to go back to this magical city. But for now, I will just reminisce and look at old photos :) 

Click "read more" to see the rest of the pictures and stay tuned for part 2 :)

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