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11:53 AM

Hi there! So yesterday my lovely boyfriend and my awesome dog went swimming!!! yeah!!! :D We were originally planning to just chill around the house, maybe try to do some garage saling or thrift shopping, but the weather was too nice to pass up! So we decided to go up to Lake Tapps (which has been our favorite lake this summer). 

And we decided to bring my dog, Fedya (a Border Collie). This is the first time we ever brought him to such a public, crowded place. Usually when we take him swimming, we go to some secluded beach. But Vitali and I wanted to swim too, so we decided to take a risk. A risk I say, because Fedya can be a bit unpredictable. He doesn't like little children (toddlers, mostly) and it can be dangerous if we lose sight of him. But to our surprise, Fedya was so good! We tied him to a post in the water by a really long rope and he just stood and swam in the water for 2 hours. Another thing--Fedya used to be deathly scared of swimming. He wouldn't go past standing height, and if the ball or stick would be a tiny bit toward the deeper end, he would never get it and would cry like a maniac lol. But this summer something in his brain clicked and he just started swimming. At the lake yesterday, he swam really well, almost going to the middle of the lake. He did like swimming into the deeper ends more when Vitali would get into the water with him. 

After two hours of non-stop swimming, we took him out of the water to dry. He did not like it at all! But we tied him down and played fetch with him. Again, he was so good with the people around. He didn't even care that there were people walking around and kids all over. I guess when he's distracted with the ball, he's a really good dog. Plus, he was exhausted! We would throw him the stick and he would run to get it, but then he would just drop by the stick and lay there--he didn't bring it back. And after a few minutes of laying there, he would start wining and barking at us to throw it again. It was actually really cute (even people on the beach thought it was cute lol). He is such a puppy at heart. 

Fedya was so tired out that when we were driving down the hill back home, he just slid off the back seat and fell onto the floor and didn't get back up until we got home. You know a dog is tired if he's too lazy to get back up on the seat lol. 

Anyway, I had a really good time at the lake with my two favorite boys :) I will definitely bring my dog to parks and lakes more often now (now that he proved to be a good dog). Enjoy the pics (they were taken with an iPhone, so they are not that wonderful) :)

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