simple food rules

11:11 PM

Michael Pollan, author of many food books, including the famous In Defense of Food (which I still need to read) asked people to send in their rules about eating, and I've posted a few of my favorite here. There rest you can find in this NY Times article. 

I think a few of these are really good! They are simple and easy to follow. Being healthy doesn't mean you can't eat this or that, or you must eliminate something all together. It doesn't mean counting calories or eating only "low fat" foods.  It just means eating in moderation, eating real foods, making your own food and not over eating (and of course more, but those are just the ones that pop into my head at the moment). 

Anyway, I'll keep this post short of my ramblings. Just read the "rules" below and really try to apply them to your life (I know I do). :)

My favorite:

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