the krantz sisters

1:39 PM

Last Friday I took my good friend Kayla and her two younger sisters, Amy and Daley, on a fun photo shoot! I had been begging them to let me take photographs of them because 1, they are gorgeous, 2, I thought it'd be fun, and 3, I needed practice. This was my first ever "professional" photo shoot that I had done. I'm always taking candid pictures of my friends and boyfriend, as well as a bunch of nature shots. But I had never actually gone out for the sole purpose of photographing. Until now. And let me tell ya, I had SO much fun. It was fun playing with the camera settings (I shot all in manual) as well as the poses and scenery.  I shot about 430 pictures, which is wayyy too much, because narrowing them down was difficult. I narrowed them down as best as I could, but there are still lots of photos (you've been warned;))

Taking the pictures wasn't the only fun part--I also really enjoyed editing them. I have come to realize that each photographer (I'm not saying I'm a photographer by any means) has their own style, especially when it comes to editing. And I guess I fall into that category, I guess I have my own style. Woo!! 

Though I did mess up with some camera settings, especially towards the end of the photo shoot, I am still really pleased with and proud of the pictures. This was my first time, after all. I am still learning and trying to figure out both the camera as well as photoshop. I've got a few more photo shoots that i'll be doing in the upcoming weeks, so hopefully my photography gets even better :)

And finally, I'd like to thank Kayla, Amy and Daley for putting up with me for 2 hours :) love ya girls!

Oh and p.s., my dog Fedya and their dog Sam had a puppy date during our photoshoot, so you'll see some pictures of them too. They did get in the way a bit (especially my dog -.-) but photoshop does wonders ;)

Anyway, I hope you all like the pictures, let me know what you think <3

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  1. Amazing photos!!! It was fun doing a shoot for you :)

  2. Haha that one with you all laughing while Sam's face and his body looks frozen in place. What a dork!

    Beautiful photos! Job well done, Mariya.

    My turn ;)

    1. Haha I loved that picture! it was impossible to get a picture with him, and candids are my favorite ;)

      Thanks girl!!

      Haha I'm looking forward to it!


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