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Hi there! So yesterday my friends Kayla and Ryan and I went hiking at this incredibly gorgeous Snoqualmie/North Bend trail, Annette Trail. We were originally supposed to go to a different hike near by, but after some difficulty planning we decided to drop that place and go here. And I'm so glad we did! Washington is such a beautiful place and it has so many trails that still need to be discovered! I literally found this trail by going to Google-Maps and looking for little lakes. Annette Lake popped up and looked so beautiful. 

Click "read more" to see the rest of my ramblings and see the plethora of beautiful pictures:)

The hike was a bit challenging for me. My friends literally raced up that mountain! I was having a bit of difficulty most likely because I hadn't worked out in over a week and I had eaten junk food the night before (whoops). But I was fine with being behind them. I brought my DSLR so I liked staying behind and taking pictures, working on the settings (and catching my breath).  Plus, I was kind of the third wheel so I didn't want to get in the way of their little date ;) (I talk a lot and get really annoying sometimes haha). Oh and I was a disgusting sweaty mess!! I was literally so embarrassed when I handed my sweaty camera strap to Ryan, lol..

The hike was 7.5 miles roundtrip, with the majority of the way to the lake uphill. Though it was a little difficult, it was so worth it. The lake at the end was beautiful! The color of the water was this incredible turquoise, blue, green color. It was so still and so clear, it was amazing. And the hills surrounding it, with the fog covering the tops was almost magical looking. And I'm happy to say that the pictures do show the beauty of the place :) That's the magic of DSLRs ;) The only thing that was unfortunate about the lake was the amount of flies!!! There were swarms of them, and they were immune to bug spray. They kept landing on us and it was a bit uncomfortable.. But besides that, it was perfect. 

I've posted a bunch of photos below. There are a lot of them (you've been warned) but they all came out so great that I couldn't just put up a handful. Plus I feel like I owe it to my friends because I was slowing them down soooo much taking pictures, lol. Most of the photos are untouched, straight out of the camera. I felt like they were really pretty as they were. I did photoshop a few of the pictures, but only because they were a bit washed out. I didn't change any colors or anything, and as you can see, the colors are so vivid! 

Anyway, enjoy the pics and let me know what you think :) I highly recommend this hike. It's also good for kids (because unlike Melakwa Lake, there are no waterfalls you have to cross) and dogs! :)

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  1. Ahhhh the pictures turned out so amazing!!!!

  2. Mariya - thanks for sharing! I didn't know about this lake either. I hike SUPER slow so if you ever want someone to go with you can tag along. :) Going to check this one out thanks for the beautiful pictures!


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