hiking with my boo :)

12:19 PM

So this last Saturday, my boyfriend Vitali and I went hiking! woooo! :D It probably wasnt the best idea for me, because i had a pretty intense workout the day before, so i was sore as heck! And hiking with sore legs is no bueno. We headed up to Mt. Rainier National Park and hiked up at Sunrise Hiking. Click read more to view the rest of the pictures :)

We started the day out early in the morning and got breakfast and this really nifty little breakfast place in Enumclaw called The Kettle. They have the BEST breakfast food ever. It's a little family owned place, decorated country style. They bake their own muffins, which they give everyone as a breakfast appetizer. And let me tell ya, they are the best muffins in the world! Anywho, breakfast was delicious, but unfortunately I didn't get any pics of it ;)

We did about 6 miles roundtrip, which isn't too bad, but with sore legs you can really feel it, especially since we mostly did uphills. We originally planned to take this one trail, which gives you beautiful views, but as we got up the hill and saw that it was covered in snow, we turned around. I am not about to walk over this snow and fall on my butt and roll down the mountain, no thanks. I mean people were going up the snow, but I didn't think it was such a good idea. We didn't have the equipment and with my wobbly legs, it could have been disastrous lol. So anyway, we headed back down the hill and decided to take another trail, which was another mile and a half, uphill. Once we got there, the views were incredible. There was also a tiny little random house right at the peak. I feel bad to whoever had to build it, lol. But anyway, we ate our lunch and then headed back. 

I've been to this hiking spots hundreds of times. I've been going almost every year since I was a kid. But the views and beauty never cease to amaze me.  It is just so spectacular. Being so close to Mt.Rainier is incredible! She is such a majestic, beautiful mountain!! The weather was also wonderful--not a cloud in the sky! But it did get a little hot. 

Anywho, we took half of the pictures with our cellphones and half with the nice camera. Sometimes we just get a little lazy to pull that huge thing out! So enjoy the pics :) They don't really show the depth of the scenery tho. The hills literally gone on for miles and there were so many different shades, but they didn't get picked up by the cameras. Enjoy :)

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