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Hi guys!!! So my parents finally let me go camping without them! I know I know, how lame... I'm 20 years old and my parents still treat me like a child. But that's ok, I liked camping with them ;) they would provide all the food and all the cleanup and I didn't have to pay for anything.... ;) But, in all truth, camping with parents is BORING. So so boring. Camping with friends is a million times funner, better, more exciting, more awesome, and all the other adjectives that can describe it.

Anyway, my parents finally let me go and I jumped at the opportunity. It was incredibly difficult planning the camping trip. My friends are such annoying jerks. Lol jk, I love them. But really. They were getting on my nerves. I had to send so many emails, so many texts just for people to rsvp. And planning the food sucked too. Wanted to please everyone, yet have simple, easy and cheap meals. (The food was delicious, btw). 

When everything was finally planned, I was ready to go!! So Vitali and I, and another awesome couple, left Wednesday evening up to Banks Lake in Eastern WA. It was about a 3 hour drive, and by the time we got there, it was really late, around 10. We had a bit of confusion and difficulty, but everything was figured out by the next morning. We found a great camp spot, that was pretty empty and quiet (compared to the rest of the park). It was the 4th of July, and we spent the day swimming, eating good food and just relaxing. At night Vitali and I sat by the fire and watched a beautiful display of fireworks on the lake. My old friends (Kayla, Larisa and Jane) came the next day and stayed for two days. Again, more swimming, eating and chilling. At night we sat around the fire making smores and telling scary campfire stories, which freaked Jane out! lol. 

Vitali and I, and the other couple, stayed until Sunday noontime. We swam once more at the lake and then headed home. I'm not sure what else to really say. Obviously, we did a lot of things and there were lots of good stories to tell (like the crazy drunk Russians who were hitting on my friends, the lame food stealers, my awful sunburn, and more lol). But I don't really want to get into that (sorry, too lazy to write a book). 

I had such a good time at camp! It was the first thing I had done outside of my small home town all summer. It was such a great place to hang out with old friends. My boyfriend also had an amazing time. That guy never gets a break from work, or his side truck projects. But finally he did! It was also really awesome to hang out with him every single day and night, I truly loved it and cherished our time together :) Seeing my friends was nice too. I did feel as though they didn't have a great time (because you gotta be Russian to truly enjoy the chillness of this campsite, lol!), but it was good to see them and spend time with them. I also loved hanging out with the couple, Karol and Vova, and getting to know them! Unfortunately we didn't get any pics of them :( It's kind of hard taking the camera out when we're busy swimming and cooking and such. 

Gosh, I feel like I did not write anything that I planned to write. Sometimes my mind is so scattered.. Ah well. Oh! I'd just like to mention that I ate eggs and bacon 5 days in a row! 5 days!!! Nasty yo. But it was sooooo good. Food is always a thousand times better when eaten out in nature :) #truth (sorry for the lame ass hashtag, but yeah.). Anywho, I was able to take a few pictures through out the trip, some from the nice camera and some from the phone. The pictures obviously don't show how great of a time we all had ;) 

Ok, I have been rambling for way too long now, enjoy the pics! :P

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  1. haha nice pictures but we all look sort of gross lol. at the end of our camping trip, our hair and faces r dirty. we should have taken pictures when we first got there and we looked better!

    1. yeah i know :/ we were all sunburnt and after the lake. ah well..

  2. You gotta be Russian to enjoy the chillness of this campsite LOL you're too cute! (Not in a creepy way or anything) this place brings back lot of childhood memories:)


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