it's finally summer :)

3:52 PM

It's only been a few days since school ended but I'm already feeling so much more relaxed and happy! Knowing that you have absolutely nothing to do for school is such a nice feeling (although it did feel pretty awful right after finals, knowing that there was nothing more I could do to raise my grade:P). But now that I've come to terms with the final grades I'll be receiving, I can finally relax! And relaxing is what I've been doing! 

In the matter of 3 days, I've taken my dog out for a walk twice, gone to the beach twice, cooked dinner a few times, made a cobbler, started a sourdough starter, made bread, slept for hours and hours, watched tv, read some Pushkin and not had a care in the world :) Click read more for more ;)

I'm so happy that it's summer and that I'll be able to do all those things as much as I'd like! Summer is 4 months this year--I hope I don't get bored! lol. I'm planning to volunteer at some places throughout the summer and just have fun and relax! Hopefully the weather will get super nice soon! I want to go swimming (which is my all-time favorite thing to do during summer!)

These pictures here are of my 1st real day of summer, when Vitali and I (and Goonie) went up to Dash Point State Park and had a picnic. We ate homemade burritos and candy (which were all melted, but whatever lol). The weather was so nice and it felt so good sitting there in the sand with the warm sun and beautiful view! :) 

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  1. Looks like so much fun! Is that at owens beach?

    1. Nope, it's dash point in federal way!!!


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