a short reflection on the past year

12:54 AM

I can't believe another year has gone by! It felt just like yesterday that I was getting up early and fearfully taking the bus to my new school, Seattle Pacific University. I remember that day so vividly, as if it was just last week. I was a little nervous about starting at a new school, especially one so different than the University of Washington. It was such a tiny school and everyone was greeting each other and hugging, something that you would never see at the gigantic UW. My classes were also tiny, and everyone knew each other--which again gave me a nervous feeling, since I didn't know anyone. But only after a few days, I had made several friends (who are really great people!) 

It took me a little while to adjust to SPU, which is normal I suppose. But I adjusted much quicker than I did at UW. I made great relationships with some fantastic professors and made lots of friends who were also studying Nutrition, which was awesome! Though I did have several awful classes, it wasn't as bad as the awful classes I had back at UW. There was still someone I could talk to during class (and complain with, lol). 

There were a few quarters that I was incredibly overwhelmed, especially spring quarter. But I got through it. I didn't realize how difficult nutrition could be, especially since chemistry and science aren't my best subjects (as most anyone would know, lol). A lot of times I found myself overwhelmingly stressed out and anxious about my grades. There were moments that I didn't believe I could do it. But I overcame it, with the help of some friends who told me I could, and now I'm happy I didn't give up!! 

I've been in school for two years now, and that's so hard to believe! I know this is cliche, but it still feels like I just graduated high school... Time flies by so quickly--i wish it'd slow down!! But anyway, this was my little reflection about my year at SPU. Obviously there is so much more I could say but I don't want to bore you. Overall, I am so happy that I transferred to SPU to study something that I love! UW is a great school, but it wasn't for me. I found myself unhappy and depressed so many times. I felt like a nobody, pressure was getting at me. SPU's close-knitness really suits me :) I also love the fact that it's a Christian university.

I'm excited for next year--not for the rigorous classes I'll be taking, but for the people and events. I'm going to be a volunteer at SPU's Community Kitchen along with some good friends, and I am excited!! But for now, I am going to forget about school and relax, for I am exhausted! Finals really took a toll on me this year. 

This picture was taken at SPU during winter. I wish I had a better picture at school, but unfortunately I don't. Next year I'll make sure to take some pictures!! (I also don't have pictures from UW, which is incredibly sad.. oh well.....) 

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