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The Truth About the Blues

The Blues are sad, they say--but I deny
Their lie! The azure sky; the saphir sea;
The beryl, rippling brook--do they imply
A state of darkly stained melancholy?
Just gaze into a lake's clean cobalt glass
Of boundless shades in joyous, unpained hues
No other Earthly hue can Blue surpass,
It sky and sea and soil--and us--will fuse
Into one integrated, whole concord.
Where lesser-tinctured hues would melt and fade
Into desiccated, grayed-out horde,
All beaming Blues remain--no tint betrayed!
But then...I see the hue of my own eye...
No more can I the Blues' true state deny.

-Klaus Nordby

Hi there! Hello! Long time no talk!

It's been a while--a really long while--since I've last posted. Been real busy... But in reality, I just haven't had much to post (or motivation to do it). School takes up so much time so A) I don't do anything worth blogging about and B) If I do do something cool, I have no energy to write about! I know, it's a bit pathetic.

But here I am, six months later, finally posting something "cool" that I did. It's been a long time since I had done something not school related. And I mean a really really really long time (like since summer!). So Vitali (my beloved) and I decided to finally do something enjoyable, relaxable, stress-free and fun! We decided to take a road trip to the Olympic Peninsula, more precisely, Cape Flattery (the most North-Western tip of the US (not including Alaska, of course..)).

 It was about a five hour drive, but SO worth it! We left little ol' Edgewood at 5:45 am and made our merry way through the beautiful Olympic Mounts up to the magnificent Pacific!! We had gone up to Neah Bay and Lake Ozzett last year, but decided to head directly to Cape Flattery this time (we actually couldn't find it last year, lol long story, so we decided to try again this year). And we found it, and it was beautiful! I honestly had no idea that Washington could be so beautiful (sorry about my lack of adjectives, my brain is a little dead...)! After we awed over the Cape, we headed down to Shi Shi Beach, where we went on a hike (lots of mud...yuck...but fun) to reach the beach. Again, it was incredible! It was a little over 80 degrees down there (which I wasn't expecting, so I dressed completely wrong...excuse my nasty white tanktop please..).

We ended the night by going to a beach (that was deserted, so it was awesome!) and we had a bonfire, ate homemade burgers (and other foods, obviously) while watching the sunset! It was really a perfect day, I did not want to leave at all!

Here are some pictures that we took on our way. Decided not to photoshop them because A) It would take too long, and at that rate I'd never get a post up and B) It's already so beautiful it doesn't need it!! Enjoy! :)

(Oh and about the poem, I found a random one on Google that I thought described the color blue pretty well. Blue is emphasized as such a sad color, but in reality, it's not sad and shouldn't be!! I get so happy when I see blue skies and blue water... Seattle gray can be so..well..gray.)


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