snowflake lane

10:07 PM

Hi there :) So last week my boyfriend Vitali and I went up to Bellevue, WA to see the snowflake lane. I've always heard it was a fun Christmas activity and from pictures, it looked like a pretty thing. Well.......... it wasn't that great. Ok, if you're a little kid it would be great. But really, there was nothing really to it. It's just a couple of goofy guys dressed up playing drums and dancing, a few ladies dressed up walking through the crowds, and loud christmas music. I guess that could be fun if you're really into drumming and christmas music and overcrowded sidewalks. Well I'm not. The one thing that was pretty awesome, I have to admit, was the fake snow. They literally made it snow! Well it was just foam. But it looked like snow and it was pretty. That part was special :) Oh and the girl that was dressed up like some type of snow princess, that was pretty cool too. But other than that, it wasn't that special.

So these are a few of the pictures I took.. So sorry for the poor quality, but everything was moving so fast and since i'm a beginner I hadn't set up my camera to take awesome pics. Oh well. Enjoy!

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