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10:59 PM

So there's this tiny little coffee shop in my town that I love oh so much and it's called Anthem Coffee and Tea (though they have alcoholic drinks as well). I've been going to this coffee shop for years!! Every time I go I see familiar faces (small town it is). It used to be a forza, and to be honest, it was nicer and more cozy, but I guess Forza decided to quit and it became "Anthem" and the decor changed. But the atmosphere did not! Nor did the drinks (which are delicious!) Anthem is probably the most popular coffee shop in the city, it's always packed! You'll be lucky to get a couch, and sometimes even a table. I love the decor, it's so cozy. It's a mix of rustic and modern and urban, it's interesting, but really nice nonetheless. But the drinks are the BEST. Especially the White Chocolate Caramel Mochas, which is what my friend and I had. So creamy and rich and delicious. My mouth is watering as I type.

So my friend Kayla (the lovely lady you'll see in the pictures below) and I decided to go on a coffee "date". We were planning to stay a little while and plan my upcoming Christmas party. But like usual, we ended up staying three hours, and then found out a band was to play, so we stayed an extra hour. Four hours in a coffee shop?! yep, it's that cozy and nice. We drank our coffees, searched pinterest for Christmas decoration DIYS, stalked famous bloggers, and looked through an art book. Oh and during the four hours, I was also clicking away, taking photos of EVERYTHING. Then the band came. They performed christmas music, and they were really good! I've been to this coffee shop several times when bands performed and this band was the best! (That's another nice thing about Anthem, the live music).

These were a few of the pictures I took at Anthem, Enjoy! :)

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